CVA 7840

Built-in coffee machine with DirectWater Perfectly combinable design with CoffeeSelect + AutoDescale for highest demands.

  • Large touch display with movement sensor – M Touch
    M Touch

    Boundless elegance meets perfect convenience

    Control your appliances quickly and intuitively by touching and swipe the extra-large, full touch screen. Text & symbols are clearly visible . New: colours can be switched to a version that is not so bright - ideal if you are using a white appliances.

    + MotionReact

    Your Miele appliances responds when you approached

    Oven interior lighting or display comes on, buzzers switch off.

  • Individual coffee enjoyment with 3 bean containers – CoffeeSelect

    Your choice

    With three bean containers, your coffee speciality is always prepared with the right coffee bean.

  • Perfect care – fully automatic with AutoDescale and AutoClean
    AutoDescale and AutoClean

    Convenient and effortless

    Your Miele coffee machine will take care of cleaning and descaling for you.

  • Perfectly positioned: Thanks to the patented CupSensor

    Ideal Distance

    The CupSensor recognises the rim of the cup and positions the spout accordingly.

  • Two coffees at once at the touch of a button – OneTouch for Two
    OneTouch for Two

    Fully automatic perfection

    Two coffee specialities with just one touch.

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Your exclusive advantage

The perfect coffee – a true taste sensation Beautiful aroma: perfectly coordinated components create the perfect cup of coffee.
Features depend on model – images are only examples and used for explanation purposes

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